It’s The Holidays! New Hours & Updates

We Wish You The Very Best This Season…

How about giving the gift of chiropractic, sharing the benefits you’ve received with others!? Our gift cards might just be the best gift of all…

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New Hours
So serve you even better and with more consistency, beginning Wednesday, January 2nd our hours will be changing:
Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday
8-11am, 3-6pm
What Are We Doing With Thursdays?
We’re excited to announce that Thursdays will be dedicated to classes and re-exams. Both of these are free to active members.
Holiday Closures
We will be closed Tuesday – Thursday, December 25th-27th
(open the following Friday & Saturday, the 28th & 29th)
We will also be closed New Years Day, Tuesday, January 1st
Our NEW hours begin January 2nd.
See you soon, Friends!

Something new for you…

How are you? Really, let’s find out how you’re really doing…


This new exam, included in your membership, utilizes the technology of the Insight Subluxation Station.

We can now objectively measure how your chiropractic care increases your adaptability to life’s ups and downs.


Using Heart Rate Variability, a Thermal Spine Scan as well as an EMG of your spine, we can see where & how your body is challenged in it’s communication and maintenance, as well as where your body is thriving. You then receive an overall score which indicates your function & adaptability.


Haven’t seen us in a while?
Be sure to schedule your exam with us (we’ll add 15 minutes for the exam prior to your adjustment) so we can measure how you are doing prior to regular chiropractic care. Start up your membership and it’s included!

Are you a current member?
The cost is included in your monthly & yearly membership.

Call us at 719-200-8615
to schedule your re-exam!

Westside Cares Giving in August

For the remainder of the month of August 2018, we will be collecting the Pantry Needs for a phenomenal local organization, Westside CARES. Stop by today and bring some extras from your home or grocery trip!


Westside CARES provides many services to the community, including:

Stop by today to join us in helping those in our community who need support with their basic needs.

Our NEW Location

With the same hours, you can now visit us at 1914 W Uintah St. — Our NEW and improved location! We can’t wait to serve you better with off-street parking, lower wait times and regular classes!



  • Take Uintah to 19th St.
  • turn North on 19th
  • turn immediately into the alley next to 7 Eleven
  • You’ll see our sign from there, leading you to the 2nd parking lot after 7 Eleven

See you soon friends!

Chiro Poetry by our Practice Member

DSC_7459 copy

We can’t express gratitude enough when one of our practice members gets what Chiropractic is all about, AND expresses it in beautiful poetry. We have received permission to share this with you, our friends! Enjoy!

Secret Whispers in Deep Tissue
Ronald Raab, CSC 2

My body speaks its own language
Where dialects whisper in deep tissue
Holding a convention of interpreters
Without inviting my brain
To get a word in edgewise

Aches and pains send me texts
Pinging me during the nighttime

My first chiropractor settled me down
On a table next to her office window and asked me,
“When are you going to do something about your life?”

Like an outcast in my own body I replied,
“I know what my issues are and I am just fine”

My body must have rolled its eyes
And wrung its hands in revulsion
So it created double locks in my spine
To keep me in the dark

For years the doctor poked and prodded
And told me to dream
The nighttime images revealed
The rock-hard messages of fear
Tying memories to muscles
Where every word and action
Are remembered and stored
Creating secret passwords
To blood flow

My body catalogued its dreams
In the hidden tissues of my spine
So I packed up the nighttime stories one day
And unfolded them in a psychologist’s office
As I gave voice to my body’s dreams
I turned to my pain
Like a lost friend eye to eye
And we embraced

The tightness slowly slipped away
Melting the trepidation and unlocking
The hiding places in my spine
I was silent and emptied out

Thirty years now since my table confession
My body and I are slowing becoming
Friends who speak different languages
Where coffee and silence bring us together
In the early morning
Listening and attentive to our common desires
Where our dialects speak their truth and blood runs free

7 Steps to Finding a GOOD Chiropractor

Not all Chiropractors are created equal. From an insider’s perspective (my husband is a Chiropractor, and we are close friends with many other DC’s who practice differently), not every chiropractor is right for everyone. You may have never seen a Chiropractor before, or you are looking for a change in DC. Either way, to find the right Chiropractor for you, follow these easy steps.bjpalmerstamp

  1. Ask Questions. You know what you want, either in results or in a Chiropractic method. Call around to different DCs, ask questions. If you know a Chiropractor from another location, call them and ask if they know someone in your area. You can also ask for recommendations online in forums, like on Facebook, or read reviews on Yelp.
  2. Vitalistic vs Mechanistic. This is where philosophy comes in. The founders of Chiropractic, B.J. Palmer and his father D.D. Palmer both gave full credit to the innate intelligence that runs every cell of your body.
    “The power that made the body heals the body.” – B.J. Palmer
    This is vitalism: the theory that the origin and phenomena of life are dependent on a force or principle distinct from purely chemical or physical forces. Mechanism focuses solely on the nuts and bolts of physical reality and nothing beyond.
  3. Look for integrity. They have to be practicing what they preach. Ask them who they get adjusted by and how often.
  4. They acknowledge the importance of other healthcare professions, such as massage, nutrition, physical therapy and medicine when needed, but do not try to offer these services themselves. A Jack Of All Trades is a master of none.
  5. Insurance shouldn’t be a factor in how you’re adjusted. Make sure their recommendations in terms of treatment has nothing to do with how much your insurance will pay. If they say, “your insurance covers 24 visits, so we’ll give you 24 visits,” that obviously isn’t meeting your need. Make sure they are considering what YOU need & want while using Insurance as the tool (not the determining factor) that it is.
  6. Subluxations: A DC should know what it is, how to find, how to correct and when not to adjust. A subluxation is a bone or joint that is causing unnecessary mechanical stress on the nervous system. A DC should be able to find them, and correct only subluxations. Not all misalignments are subluxations. Many times the body will “misalign” when it’s compensating for a problem in another area. This compensation is a normal and healthy response to keep the body functional when the problem is present. If a chiropractor adjusts a misalignment without addressing the problem, a persons body will just misalign right back out until the compensation is no longer necessary.
  7. You’re the healer, not the Chiropractor. Your body built itself from a single cell and knows how to heal. In fact, you’re the only one that can heal you. All the chiropractor can do is help reduce and eliminate mechanical interference in the nervous system. This allows for your body to heal more easily. It’s important for your chiropractor to know this in order to allow your body to do what it does best.

7 Steps to Finding a GOOD Chiropractor


Dr. Tad, The Roadie?

Dr. Tad, The Roadie?

Dr. Tad came out to Denver to adjust a band and their crew before their show. Zoey helped out too!

Dr. Tad says, “our bodies are made to move. When you pin a body up in a small space for an extended period of time (traveling), this is a big stress on the body. It’s nice to let go of some of that with an adjustment.”

Does your crew include a Chiropractor or do you have one at each stop of your tour?