First Visit & Your Health Investment

Your First Visit ~ Your Investment In Yourself

To sign up for a First Visit Orientation, call or text 719-200-8615

What to expect your First Visit…

the only alternative to chiropractic is living a life of less than full expression. - BJ Palmer, Founder of ChiropracticThere are two parts: An Orientation, and a subsequent Exam and Adjustment.

Your visit begins with a complimentary Saturday morning Breakfast with the Doctor – your orientation for new members. During this 8:30-9:30am session, you’ll have a chance to get your questions answered and learn about what Organic Living Chiropractic has to offer you. We will discuss your expectations and how we can work together to accomplish your goals. From there, you can schedule your first adjustment and exam.

During your appointment, if you are subluxated, you will be adjusted. Due to Colorado State laws, you will have to fill out some paperwork about yourself, your experiences, your health, and your medical history.  After this you will experience an extensive exam to see what systems are functioning normally. Then, you will get the best, most specific chiropractic adjustment I can muster.  The subsequent visits are on a walk-in basis, and will be much more direct and to the point. You will come in, we will celebrate your arrival, and then we will get down to checking and if necessary correcting your subluxations to get you back out into the world with more energy and ease.

No X-rays????

Now many people ask me why I don’t take X-rays. Well let’s start with the first reason. I don’t take X-rays because I am more concerned with health than disease or dysfunction.   I am completely focused on the bone or joint that your body wants to be moved.  X-rays don’t tell me how or where a bone moves.  I can take pictures all day long of a door hinge but I won’t know if the door opens or closes until I put my hands on it.  Since 2001 I have been developing the sensitivity of my hands and I have tested their accuracy against X-rays and other forms of subluxation detection only to find them to be able to give me more information than any machine.  There is no reason I can find to justify irradiating an otherwise healthy person to see what my hands can feel.  Plus exposing you to radiation goes against the Hippocratic Oath I took to do no harm. I didn’t promise to do a little harm if it made things easier on me. I promised to do NO harm.  If I see signs that indicate that you likely have a fracture or disease that would be best be diagnosed with an X-ray then I will refer you to an expert in radiology or diagnosis to be treated accordingly.  My job is not to diagnose and treat symptoms or diseases it is to detect and correct subluxations so your body can freely heal itself.

If you have any other questions please leave them in the comment box below so others may read them OR simply give us a call.  We look forward to talking with you!

Please Complete prior to your First Visit



Your First Visit ~ Your Investment In Yourself

A clear financial path to your health!

At Organic Living Chiropractic we under stand that maintenance is the mortar of health.  That is why our fee schedule is set up to reward those who are committed to regular check-ups, and adjustments if needed.  By becoming a member you are making a commitment to your health and we commit to making sure you can feel the savings. With a membership, the more you come in the more you save now and for years to come.

Will you bill my health insurance?

We are a 100% cash based practice. Our allegiance is to YOU and not a 3rd party payer.  Some health care providers have a bad habit of tailoring their care to what services the insurance companies decide they will pay for.  Unfortunately that is not necessarily what is best for you. To avoid this pit fall I am asking you to be responsible for your health care. Since you are paying, I am most concerned with keeping YOU satisfied rather than keeping your insurance company satisfied.  This means that I don’t have to hire a team of people to run a billing and collections department which keeps my costs down and allows me to keep my fees around, if not below, most co-pays.

So what is the cost? 

First Appointment (Exam & Adjustment): $75 

One Adult Visit: $55
One Kids Visit (0-18yrs): $25

Adult Monthly: $180 (renews on same day monthly)
Kids Monthly: $90
Family Monthly (2 adults, kids under 18 incl.): $360
One Adult Year: $2000
Family Year (2 adults, kids under 18 incl.): $4000

Every time you make a commitment to your health, we want to reward you by giving you financial savings. Monthly and Yearly plans allow you to come in any time you’d like to get checked, whenever we’re open!

Your First Visit ~ Your Investment In Yourself


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