You may be here because a friend or family member told you about their experience, you may have found us in an online search because you are in pain… Whatever your reason, WELCOME!

We would like to get to know you! What is it that you’re really looking for? Most people say it is less pain or less symptoms. What if what you’re really looking for is actually about MORE? More freedom, more energy, more joy, more love, more authentic expression, more fun!

Ultimately, we are here to help you live more!  A fully expressed life is joy-filled.  It’s fun, inspires everyone it touches, is purpose filled, and turns the hard times into gifts.  Although it has ups and downs, the general trend is up.  This is why we are here!  To help you, me, and everyone we can move past mere surviving, and into a life of thriving.

Like what you hear so far? You are invited to call us, or book a First Visit.

See You Soon,

Dr. Tad Schexnailder, DC

Want to learn more?

Join us for our weekly wellness classes every Thursday via Zoom and Facebook live. Find more information for all of our upcoming events on our Facebook events page. We can’t wait to connect with you!