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brd_6875Let us help you live more!  A fully expressed life is joy-filled.  It is fun, inspires everyone it touches, is purpose filled and turns the hard times into learning opportunities.  Although it has ups and downs the general trend is up.  This is why I am a Vitalistic Chiropractor.  I am here to help you, me, and everyone I can move past mere surviving, and into a life of thriving.

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See You Soon,

Dr. Tad Schexnailder, DC


13 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Very clear and succinct “Why” of your life and practice philosophy. Wish you were closer but grateful that your living your dream in the environment that most promotes it!

  2. 43/tile worker/recent chronic back pain. I am considering seeking treatment and have never been much for ‘doctors’. To that end I started a little research on my own and the Internet is full of conflicting opinions so I figured best to ask the source, and your site seems open and welcoming. I did have some lingering concerns. What, if any, are the safety issues I need to be aware of? How much paperwork is involved in getting started? You won’t need my entire medical history or anything, will you? Thanks in advance.

    • Hello Jaden,
      Great to hear you are doing your own research and not just listening to the so called “experts”. I share your suspicion of ‘doctors’ just keep in mind that the original definition of doctor was teacher and trusted friend. You are the only one that can heal your body but it helps to have a teacher and trusted friend. I have many that I work with for my body.
      Of course you know that I am bias towards chiropractic so make sure you ask around and get multiple opinions from multiple sources. Most importantly read the research for yourself and be very skeptical of how the research was conducted and how the conclusion was drawn. It is very easy to manipulate data. One very good source is PubMed @ http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed . It is the largest database of peer-reviewed medical research on the planet. Although chiropractic is not medical, this database is very broad and you will get research from both sides. A word of warning, be very specific in your search terms. If you search with the terms “chiropractic safety” you will get different results than the terms “spinal manipulation safety” because the second will include info on non-chiropractors which do not have nearly the training that chiropractors receive. Physical therapist can take a weekend course on spinal manipulation where as chiropractors spend a solid three years learning how to adjust the spine. You can’t compare apples to oranges and expect a fair reflection of either. A manipulation is very different from an adjustment as are those that provide them.

      As to your question about the safety, again I am very biased and everything has a certain risk. With that said, not only does every member of my family get adjusted but so does my pregnant wife, my dog, and my newborn will be adjusted (if needed) immediately after birth. I personally have adjusted someone as young as 2 months and someone in her late 80’s. Chiropractic is very safe, however, just like any profession there are bad people in it. One bit of evidence I will ask you to research is how much malpractice insurance coverage costs a chiropractor verses an MD, DO, or PT. If done correctly a chiropractic adjustment is much safer than an Aspirin but again it depends on the person giving the adjustment. Always go with someone you trust and make sure they know what is and is not chiropractic. Unfortunately there are many chiropractors who practice medicine and physical therapy instead of chiropractic. These are the ones who do not master the chiropractic adjustment and thus can hurt people. A jack of all trades is a master of none. A few people have been hurt by chiropractors and no one can deny that however I know many chiropractors who have never hurt anyone in 40 years of practice. But don’t take my word for it, do the research yourself.

      The “safety issues I need to be aware of” is just what you would expect from something that focuses directly on the spine and spinal cord. However if you look at the research yourself you will find that the incidence of this is WAY lower for chiropractors than for MD’s, DO’s, and PT’s. Estimates for serious adverse reactions to chiropractic range from 1 in 1 million to 1 in 10 million. Thus the very low malpractice insurance rates, but again, there are bad people in every profession.

      In response to your questions; “How much paperwork is involved in getting started? You won’t need my entire medical history or anything, will you?” My initial paperwork packet is about 3 pages long plus one page explaining what I do and don’t do, what you can expect, and the philosophy of chiropractic. I do have an exam that usually takes about 15 to 30 minutes for me to complete. Due to legal obligation I do have to ask for your complete medical history however this has little to do with the adjustment. Your medical history is helpful in getting to know you better, what your experiences have been, and how to help you find the best teachers and trusted friends to work with you in the future. In the end it is up to you to provide that information. I can not force you to tell me anything.

      Finally here are some direct links to peer reviewed research that might help you get started. Don’t stop with these and remember that your personal experience is WAY more valuable than anything published. No one has done research on what works for you except you. Never stop researching and learning. If you have any questions or want to know what I look for in a chiropractor that I would trust with my spine, you can email me, find us on facebook, or message me here. Good luck and stay curious.

      Much Love

      Tad Schexnailder DC




  3. My oldest had migraines like 4-5 times a week with him vomitting and unable to do everyday life. We had gone through everything from medication to testing for what was causing them. Dr. Tad started out adjusting him 2-3 times a week then once a week. He will get an occasional headache but nothing like before. We still have adjustments every couple of months. Dr. Tad is a life saver. And he is a great person with a good heart and soul. Thanks for helping my son. Dawn

  4. When my body acts up as; well as my emotions I go see Dr. Tad. He is so calming and explains everything so I know what I am experiencing and why. I need to do better and see him regularly because it truly makes a difference. And I love his family too!

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