Going Deeper

What is Chiropractic?

"Chiropractic is the science, art, and philosophy of all things natural.”

Although Chiropractic is one of the largest and most widely known natural approaches to health and healing in the world, very few people, including most chiropractors, really know what that truly means. 

Lots of things are natural. Actually EVERYTHING that exists is natural. “All things natural” means accepting and working with the processes of nature and reality themselves. Everything that exists is part of a natural process and natural order. 

When we go along with that process and accept the order, things grow and life advances. 

When we go against that order and process, the structures of living things (like our bodies) wear out faster than they can regenerate. We call the end result injury, sickness, and disease.

Healing can only happen in two ways, the repair or replacement of cells.

Only a living body can do this. Our bodies are the most intelligent and complex systems currently known in the universe. 

They develop from a single cell into a highly organized multi-trillion cell community. 

This community system is self-organizing, self-healing, self-growing, and adaptive. All of our parts and functions are organized and coordinated by way of the nervous system. 

Most of us don’t need help healing, but rather, we need help to remove the interference to the self-healing and organizing capacity that is natural to our bodies, minds, and lives a.k.a. the nervous system.

Chiropractic has one goal, to free the nervous system of any mechanical interference. 

Any disruptive interference in the relationship between the brain and the body will make it harder for our body to heal, adapt, and function as a coordinated whole. 

Since our nervous system also creates all of our thoughts, feelings and the ways we experience life, if it is distorted, we will have distorted thoughts, feelings, and experiences. We all deserve to have a great life. 

To do this we need a nervous system free of mechanical distortions. After this, learning and acting in accordance to our own unique natural process and order can and does lead to an extraordinary life! 

At Organic Living Chiropractic, we embody this true nature of chiropractic, and we are excited to work alongside you on your journey in healing and seeking more from life.  To effectively and efficiently achieve the best results, we practice a gentle form of chiropractic known as Network Spinal.

What is Network Spinal?

“Network Spinal sits right at the junction between healthcare and personal development.”

Like traditional chiropractic, the goal of Network Spinal is to free our nervous system of mechanical interference so that the full expression of our life can freely flow through each cell between the brain and body. 

Unlike traditional chiropractic, the focus is to assist the body to achieve this goal through light touch and precise coaching. In traditional Chiropractic, it is the chiropractor’s body that gets your body unstuck, therefore it is the chiropractor that walks away with the wisdom of how to do that. 

In Network Spinal, the chiropractor assists your body in getting itself unstuck so that you walk away with the wisdom of how to do that. 

Once you can get yourself unstuck in the office, you will have the ability to do it again and again in your life.

This is when things really get fun.

When getting unstuck is no longer the necessary goal, we can move on to more exciting goals like thriving in your body and life. 

We are each a unique being, so it only makes sense that thriving looks different for you than it does for anyone else.

Aligning the body to acting in a coherent manner with our unique nature is the most efficient way to get the most out of life, including health and healing.

Nature punishes or rewards us for how we use the energy and information we have at our disposal. If we use both wisely, then we will get access to more.

If we waste either one, we will lose what we have.

Relaxing into being ourselves is the first step to learn how to be wise with our resources.

Underneath all of our education, genetics, culture, and family dynamics is a “self” that is independent of the rest.

Think of all those things as the software, and our true nature is the hardware. If we do not understand the hardware, then we will have trouble using the software effectively (it is hard to run a PC program on a MAC)

Network Spinal uses a twelve stage process to "update" the human nervous system to operating in a congruent manner with the modern individual and the modern environment.

For countless generations, the human body has been programmed with life experiences based on basic survival.

These programs have been passed down through our genetics and the epigenetic environment of our families, communities, and societies.

All of this programming is great when we are in need of basic survival, but anything beyond that requires a different type of information processing, different chemistry, and different physiology.

Updating the human nervous system is as simple as identifying an unconscious habit and changing it.

Through the repetition of a better, more conscious thought, behavior, or experience, we can replace an incongruent, unconscious pattern or habit.

We can then gain the ability to be in and respond more efficiently to the present moment in both our internal and external environments.

When we stop wasting our energy, repeating the past as if it is the present, then we automatically have more energy to heal, grow, adapt, and become the best version of ourselves that we can be.

It is only when we truly embody the best version of ourselves that we can be of the greatest service to others and to the world.

What is Somatic Awareness?

Soma = body

Awareness = knowledge or perception of a situation or fact

Most people believe they are either a body or they are in control of a body. 

If you have ever experienced a significant trauma, you have experienced this belief to be false. 

Many times the body seems to do what it wants, in spite of what we consciously want. 

The truth is, we are in relationship with a body that, if fully functional, will respond to the promptings of our conscious mind and so it only appears that we are in control. 

However, our bodies definitely have a mind of their own. 

Suffering and pain occurs when our mind and body have different priorities and needs that are either not acknowledged, not accepted, or not honored.

Somatic awareness is the development of a deeper relationship with our bodies so that we can get the most from that relationship.

The body contains immense amounts of wisdom and information that can be accessed through conscious awareness if we learn how to listen. 

The challenge is that the mind and body speak different languages. 

The mind speaks in words, pictures, and concepts, whereas the body speaks in sensations, feelings, and emotions. 

Teaching both to be able to listen and speak to the other is a fast way towards being able to experience peace and joy in both the body and in the mind.

By improving the relationship between ourselves, our bodies, and our minds, we can tap into amazing abilities that appear as the conflict inside us ceases. 

At bare minimum, our health and healing improve as we listen deep to the needs of our body and learn to respond more accurately. 

At best, we find that our bodies can guide us into living a life of deep purpose, passion, joy, and satisfaction beyond what we ever thought possible.

Somatic awareness is a core facet of what we practice at Organic Living Chiropractic, and we look forward to being alongside you in your journey of developing and strengthening a better relationship to your own body and mind.

What are one-to-one coaching services?

Health is a harmony between our internal and external environments. Our internal environment includes our organs, our cells, how they function, our thoughts, our emotions, our beliefs, and our stress levels. Our external environment includes our relationships, our careers, our homes, the world around us, and the way our lives are set up. Many times, it is the unseen or unacknowledged disharmony in parts of ourselves or our lives that create the biggest blockages to feeling complete, whole, healthy, and happy.

At Organic Living Chiropractic we understand that you are a whole and complete being and that addressing only one part of you without addressing the others can leave you feeling incomplete in your life and in your health. Our One-to-One coaching services offer you dedicated time with one of our practitioners to identify and move through specific areas of yourself or your life that may feel stuck or be unseen. Our practitioners are multi-disciplinary in their training, and whatever your blocks may be, we are here to help empower you on your journey to thriving in your life.

We offer one-to-one sessions both in person and digitally. Depending on your goals and areas of focus, we offer shorter one-to-one sessions (approx. 30 minutes) and in depth SPT (Somatic Pain Transformation) Sessions (approx. 1 hour). Regardless of which goals or focus you choose, we are here to help guide you toward the right type of one-to-one session so that you can evolve and move forward in whatever way serves you the best. We look forward to being alongside you in your empowerment and thriving.

Short one-on-one sessions- These sessions are great whether you don’t know what to do or are feeling stuck and having trouble getting enough motivation and energy to do what you already know you need to do to move forward. Among other things, we will focus on learning and experiencing Somatic Awareness  techniques to access or redirect the boundless potential for change stored in and around our bodies and minds.

Longer SPT (Somatic Pain Transformation) sessions- Pain is one thing we all have in common. What is different is how it shows up and what needs to be done about it. Although there are many different types of pain (physical, mental, emotional, etc.) the main reason for pain is to let us know that something needs to change. Pain is not what most people think it is. Pain is more a ‘check engine light’ letting us know that there is a problem somewhere in our lives rather than pain being the problem itself. With Somatic Pain Transformation as a guide we can develop a deeper relationship with the information and energy that is showing up as pain and the need for change. When the energy can be used more efficiently and the information can be processed more completely, we can effortlessly move through the change and the experience of pain can shift into something else of which we want more.

Nutritional and Integration sessions- Nutrition isn’t just what we eat or don’t eat; it is our ability to process the best that life has to offer and eliminate the rest. Wouldn’t it be nice to eat what you want and to actually learn how to want what is good for you? Whether it is integrating food, supplements, experiences, thoughts, emotions or beliefs, the way we take in and use this chemistry directly affects the way our bodies and minds grow and operate. During these amazing sessions with Caroline – still needs to be created on my end – Connie), our nutrition and integration specialist, you will experience guidance and support to not only get the right nutrition into your life but also how to recognize and resolve anything blocking your ability to use the nutrition you put in.

What is Nutritional Therapy?


Nutritional Therapy differs from other types of nutrition modalities in that the primary focus lies within the foundational components of health and well being instead of chasing or covering up symptoms. These pillars or foundations of health are:

1) Digestion
2) Blood sugar regulation
3) Mineral balance
4) Fatty acid balance
5) Hydration
6) Properly prepared, nutrient dense diet

When these systems are balanced, and the stress on the organs and glands are decreased, the presence of any challenging, confusing ailments or symptoms can drastically decrease on their own. This is considered a root cause approach. Since the foundations lay the groundwork for the expression of optimal health and well being, the consequences can more easily resolve when that stability is present in the body.

Oftentimes, our mind wants to create a dramatic story around why and how our symptoms are occurring. Nutritional Therapy is not a method to treat, prevent, diagnose or cure any condition or disease but instead seeks to empower you to go beyond merely matching your symptoms with endless strategies, supplements and diets. This approach gracefully guides you with basic strategies, wisdom and attainable action steps. 

This strategy excludes chasing your symptoms and includes your body’s innate ability to heal and recover itself! Nutritional therapy is not problem focused; it is support focused with the recognition being the authority of the body’s wisdom and intelligence. The body knows!

The body is a finely tuned and calibrated machine that is doing everything for us; always moving us toward thriving. The signal, pain, or dysfunction that’s alerting us to the need to make a change isn’t something we have to be stuck with. We don’t need to know how to heal a paper cut or how to make new cells and we don’t need to know how to settle or solve the ailments of the rest of our body either. We simply need to lovingly support the body with the most congruent building blocks for our particular body type and that looks different for everyone. Nutritional therapy takes into account that every body is different and has different biological foundations and needs. Nutritional therapy can help guide and detect the formula your body needs to optimize, in order to create the most coherence in your body and in your life.