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Welcome to Organic Living Chiropractic!OLCbuilding

I am Tad Schexnailder, Doctor of Chiropractic.  In 2012, I married a wonderful woman, who is my best friend, just before moving to Colorado Springs at the beginning of 2013.  Together, my wife and I are dedicated to creating a community of people who know and accept themselves while committing to living life to the fullest and elevating those around us.  We do this by acknowledging the Intelligence that built our bodies and by aligning ourselves to our deepest human desire, moving closer to the perfect expression of Divine Life.

The specific Chiropractic Adjustment is the tool that I use to help people, just like you and your family, let go of that inner tension and turmoil at the deepest levels of the body so they can move through live with ease.  Each of us has a higher calling and for most of us we are our own biggest resistance to hearing and following that calling. Once we release that inner turmoil and move out of our own way we become much more efficient and productive in this journey we call life.

DSC_8095Everyone is unique and it is by embracing our subtle differences, rather than conforming and molding to others, that we can live together and create a better life for the next generation.  Our Tribe, as we call it, is made up of those leaders who are breaking the molds of conformity and moving  into a paradigm of thriving. If you are reading this and feel this concept resonating with you then you are already a member of our Tribe and we would like to get to know you more.  If you are not drawn to this concept then we invite your curiosity and maybe we can be of assistance in helping you find the place where you feel most efficient and at peace. Either way, we look forward to you stopping by to feel what it means to be free of internal interference so you can move into the joy of living an organic life the way it was meant to be lived…freely and fully!

More life and lived to the fullest!!!!!

Dr. Tad Schexnailder, D.C
Vitalistic Chiropractor

Contact Us ~ About OLC & Dr. Tad ~ What People Are Saying About Us

What People Are Saying About OLC


“Dr. Schexnailder does amazing work and is not just focused on adjusting your body; taking a more holistic approach.  I had never been to a chiropractor before and was very hesitant.  I thought if I started to “pop” my back I would have to do it forever to maintain comfort.  My first appointment with him was so in depth I was instantly put at ease.  I recommended friends go to him and everyone who has gone has thanked me for the referral.” – Jeannie H.

“Best chiropractic care I’ve ever experienced by a person who truly cares about the whole person. He has had an amazing impact on me and my children.” – Stephanie B.

“Dr. Tad is by far the best Chiropractor out there. He truly cares about you leaving feeling better and will work on you till your perfect.” -Nicole B.

“Fantastic chiropractor, excellent human being. Tad is very knowledgeable in his field of practice and shares all he can to improve his clients’ well being. I am so glad a client referred me to him, and I now do the same for any of my friends or clients looking for a great practitioner. I have seen multiple chiropractors in my life, but Tad raises the bar by educating his clients to help themselves between and beyond adjustments.” – Rachel L.

“I have not visited Dr. Tad at this location, but rather received care from him while he was in Texas.  I can very genuinely say that the experience of being adjusted by Tad is one of the most in-tune and focused i have ever had.  Tad is always very present when providing care and it is clear that  service is the role he takes upon himself.  Even with the fact that Tad seems to be at a level of intelligence above the majority of people I have ever met, whether that is scientifically or philosophically, his prime objective when delivering the adjustment seems to be to connect with the person he is caring for.  This I think is the reason that anyone should see a Chiropractor, Tad understands the give and take of a happy life and seeks to share that in the particular way each individual may need according to their situation.  I highly recommend starting care and a friendship with Dr. Tad Schexnailder, because that is what it will be; a friendship that enriches both yours and his life.” – Maninder A.

“I’ve known Dr. Tad almost all my life, he is a walking encyclopedia of health!  I had a curve in my spine, but with the work Dr. Tad did, the curve is virtually gone and I’m just working to maintain my muscle tone to keep my back and core aligned.  Dr. Tad would always tell me stretches and exercises to help my body continually do work to keep myself aligned in between adjustments.  I really don’t have the annoying pain I would get in my lower back after standing for long periods of time anymore.  I felt completely safe with Dr. Tad adjusting my back, and the adjustments were not only affordable, but a worthwhile investment in increasing my quality of life and overall health.  I highly recommend Dr. Tad Schexnailder!” – Lauren O.

“Dr Schexnailder came highly recommended a few years ago and has not disappointed. With every exam he was thorough and patient, explaining every step and helping educate me about whole body health.  I also had the pleasure of observing him with children as young as 7. He made it such an enjoyable experience the children kept asking me when they get to see him again. I highly recommend Dr Schexnailder.  He is a kind hearted, well educated, family man, and a great doctor!” – Angela C.

“I have enjoyed the adjustments and insight on my body that Dr. Schexnailder has provided. The body is the most hi-tech organic machinery on earth and maintenance keeps it running at peak performance. He helps you as a whole person, not focusing on the spine alone. Tad goes beyond the standard chiropractor your parents had and  has expertise in massage as well. If you are looking for a honest adjustment or need a new opinion, I recommend seeing if Dr Schexnailder is the right chiropractor for you.” – Tyler S.

Contact Us ~ About OLC & Dr. Tad ~ Reviews