About Us

About Us

Dr. Tad Schexnailder D.C., BS, C.Ad.

I am Dr. Tad Schexnailder and my passion is helping people, just like you and your family, gain a healthy and thriving relationship with their bodies and their lives. I hold a doctorate in Chiropractic, am a Certified Addictionologist from the American College of Addiction & Compulsive Disorders, hold two bachelor’s degrees; one in Anatomy and a second in Health and Wellness, as well as being certified in the highest level training in NetworkSpinal. Before becoming a Chiropractor in 2012 I had 10 years of experience as a massage therapist, exercise specialist, yoga instructor, and rehabilitation coach. Currently I am finishing a post doctoral degree in Addictionology and Compulsive disorders. 

Caroline Van Horn, BS, FNTP, C.Ad.

My name is Caroline and I’m a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner in Colorado Springs, CO. I have an undergraduate degree in Speech & Language Pathology, a certificate in Functional Nutrition from Nutritional Therapy Association and am a Certified Addictionologist from the American College of Addiction & Compulsive Disorders.

My passion is to guide and ignite those who are seekers of becoming personally empowered. I specialize in somatic integration; merging through the blockages that keep us from evolving. In my spare time I love to be with my family outside in nature, traveling, hiking, reading a book, and connecting with “MORE”.

Marcia Jones

I am Marcia Jones. I have loved working in the Chiropractic profession for over forty years. With enthusiasm, I am so grateful to have this opportunity to serve my community. In my spare time, with my husband Don, we enjoy our flower gardens and caring for our two Shih Tzu’s Princess Buttercup and Wesley.

Haley Plush

Hello everyone! I’m Haley Plush. I am a sales and marketing specialist and Colorado Springs native. I am a multi-passionate individual with a deep desire to help the world and nurture communities that are focused on wellness, connection, and education. I graduated with honors from the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs in Strategic Communications with a focus in leadership and integrated marketing techniques. People are my passion, and I have several years of professional experience in customer service, sales, and marketing. I look forward to meeting you!