At Organic Living Chiropractic, we practice a gentle form of chiropractic known as Network Spinal.  By utilizing this groundbreaking technique, we can help you embody your highest potential and achieve MORE in your life.  More joy, more ease, more love, MORE LIFE!  Network Spinal is a form of reorganizational healing. In this type of healing our goal is to adapt and grow from the stresses and trauma of the past to become stronger, wiser, and more efficient in the future. This way, we are essentially upgrading our body’s operating system, the nervous system, to be more coherent with the present moment.  By eliminating destructive interference in the nervous system, the body’s innate ability to organize can work in its highest capacity to heal, repair, and rebuild your body to its highest potential.  

Somatic Awareness Techniques

Somatic awareness is the development of a deeper relationship with our bodies so that we can get the most from our bodies, our minds, and our lives. We utilize various techniques in the office during all of our appointment types to help develop and improve the communication between the different parts of ourselves. The body contains immense amounts of wisdom and information that can be accessed through conscious awareness, if we learn how to listen. The challenge is that the mind and body speak different languages. Somatic awareness is a core facet of the services offered at Organic Living Chiropractic.

One-on-One Coaching

We all get stuck in life sometimes, Network Spinal helps teach the body how to get itself unstuck, but how about getting your mind and your experiences unstuck?  How would you feel if you were free of the traumas and conditioning of your past?  How would your life be different if you felt you were truly embodying your highest potential and feeling confident and motivated, regardless of the circumstances life throws at you?  At OLC we specialize in self-growth and self-transformation life coaching.  We are excited to work with you to help expand your capacity and flexibility in who you are, so that you can thrive and succeed in your life, on your terms.  You have the power within you to achieve anything you want, and we are excited to help you connect with your inner power and help inspire you on your way to thriving and embodying your highest potential.

Nutritional Therapy

This is not about a diet, restriction or avoiding food and fun! This is a service that provides a holistic avenue for nutritional guidance so that your body can grow to thrive at a cellular level. We want to support you to create optimal coherence for the mind, body and spirit. First, we address the foundations of health and wellness by identifying the root of metabolic imbalances. When the body is more able to recognize its natural intelligence, it heals and recovers effortlessly.  You are not always stuck where you are! Providing the body with high frequency foods and habits will guide you to experience the empowerment within yourself!  With nutritional counseling, we learn more about the most healing foods for our unique bodies, the ideal supplement/s needed to support nutritional goals, and the emotional mindset concepts to prepare us for a fulfilling experience of wellbeing.