Chiro Poetry by our Practice Member

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We can’t express gratitude enough when one of our practice members gets what Chiropractic is all about, AND expresses it in beautiful poetry. We have received permission to share this with you, our friends! Enjoy!

Secret Whispers in Deep Tissue
Ronald Raab, CSC 2

My body speaks its own language
Where dialects whisper in deep tissue
Holding a convention of interpreters
Without inviting my brain
To get a word in edgewise

Aches and pains send me texts
Pinging me during the nighttime

My first chiropractor settled me down
On a table next to her office window and asked me,
“When are you going to do something about your life?”

Like an outcast in my own body I replied,
“I know what my issues are and I am just fine”

My body must have rolled its eyes
And wrung its hands in revulsion
So it created double locks in my spine
To keep me in the dark

For years the doctor poked and prodded
And told me to dream
The nighttime images revealed
The rock-hard messages of fear
Tying memories to muscles
Where every word and action
Are remembered and stored
Creating secret passwords
To blood flow

My body catalogued its dreams
In the hidden tissues of my spine
So I packed up the nighttime stories one day
And unfolded them in a psychologist’s office
As I gave voice to my body’s dreams
I turned to my pain
Like a lost friend eye to eye
And we embraced

The tightness slowly slipped away
Melting the trepidation and unlocking
The hiding places in my spine
I was silent and emptied out

Thirty years now since my table confession
My body and I are slowing becoming
Friends who speak different languages
Where coffee and silence bring us together
In the early morning
Listening and attentive to our common desires
Where our dialects speak their truth and blood runs free