Something new for you…

How are you? Really, let’s find out how you’re really doing…


This new exam, included in your membership, utilizes the technology of the Insight Subluxation Station.

We can now objectively measure how your chiropractic care increases your adaptability to life’s ups and downs.


Using Heart Rate Variability, a Thermal Spine Scan as well as an EMG of your spine, we can see where & how your body is challenged in it’s communication and maintenance, as well as where your body is thriving. You then receive an overall score which indicates your function & adaptability.


Haven’t seen us in a while?
Be sure to schedule your exam with us (we’ll add 15 minutes for the exam prior to your adjustment) so we can measure how you are doing prior to regular chiropractic care. Start up your membership and it’s included!

Are you a current member?
The cost is included in your monthly & yearly membership.

Call us at 719-200-8615
to schedule your re-exam!

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